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Cat Power–you rock my world. …

Cat Power–you rock my world. what an amazing night.

Goodbye, you
Goodbye, you

Good Woman, by Cat Power I want to be a good woman And I want, for you to be a good man. This is why I will be leaving And this is why, I can’t see you no more. I will miss your heart so tender And I will love This love forever I don’t […]

a decade hence delivered to my door

Because human lives are composed in precisely such a fashion….They are composed like music. Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms fortuitous occurrence into a motif, which then assumes a permanent place in the composition of the individual’s life. The brain appears to possess a special area which we might call poetic memory […]

The Muse

when The Muse strikes, you may find that she’ll rapidly corner a good portion of your world. should you find yourself so lucky, know this: she runs a tight ship. The Muse mediates her world through work and play, discipline and fun, boisterous humility and active listening. The Muse will be your enabler and partner […]


Carnen teaches and nurtures through gentle persistence: it is how she mends my body; it is how she builds my trust; it is how she calms my heart. thank you for your patient ways, your generous ear, and your steadfast presence. in the story of my life, time and time again, you are the trope […]

why i love the internet

one day each year i am reminded why the internet was invented & what its exact purpose is. that day is today: my mother’s birthday. may 2nd sneaks up on me every year which puts a daughter like myself, living half-way across the globe, at a severe disadvantage. the story repeats itself, as seasons tend […]

Kelly’s Birthday Wish

Please support my fundraising efforts for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Kelly lost her father to pancreatic cancer 2 weeks ago. He had been diagnosed only 4 months ago. Think about that for a moment: 4 months. 4 months is a flash. Many of us have been unemployed for longer periods than that, have traveled […]

Do the raver dance, Sam!

Lucho left me this message at 8am in the morning: Ta-ta-da-da-ta-daaa! Sam: Come on Sam! Do the raver dance! Enjoy: Listen

A real-life Lola: http://plink…

A real-life Lola: #realcharacter

i picked up Phillip from work last night

when i was approaching the tollbooths, i kid you not, about 20 cop cars with blinding reds and blues, sirens, were swarming around at very high speeds, all heading towards my general direction… it was like a wild goose chase. there were cops coming from the bridge, from oakland, from behind me. it seemed like […]


at this exact moment i am grateful for: a good night’s rest last night, which helped me kick ass today finishing up my 2007 taxes staying on track with building my new savings account, putting away 20% of my earnings each paycheck my job, my colleagues & the growth we’re experiencing kelly, who just plain […]


In reflecting on my nice weekend i just had, i am grateful for: * getting silly with everyone after pearl’s alley on friday. * todd and lucho, for taking me to see the monarchs, even though they had already departed. * a drive home without traffic (small pleasures, i know) * seeing Luscious and Weazie […]